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A Certain Mystery: How Can France Do Everything That It Does in Africa—and Get Away with It?

(Thursday, January 1, 1981) Thursday, January 1, 1981

This article was originally given as a lecture at a memorable joint meeting of the Royal AfricanSociety and the Africa Centre in London on 31 October 1980. The late Mme Golan was the Paris Correipondent of the Israeli newspaper, Ma'ariv and the first Israeli Ambassador to Angola.

Looking through a Glass of Beer: Alcohol in the Cultural Spaces of Colonial Douala, 1910-1945

(Monday, December 31, 2001) Monday, December 31, 2001

The pivotal role played by alcohol in the European colonization of Africa has been addressed by many scholars.' The trade in alcohol, local consumption, and Euro- pean attempts at regulating both have served historians as a lens for examining the dynamics of colonial rule throughout the continent. Studies have shown that most colonial regimes in Africa made some considerable effort to control the local popu- lation's access to alcohol, as well as their consumption.

Law in Colonial Africa Edited by Edited by Richard Roberts and Kristin Mann

(Monday, January 1, 1990) Monday, January 1, 1990

Law in colonial Africa was a cultural project that lay at the heart of efforts by Europeans and Africans to channel social change. Studying law yields fresh insights into the meaning of colonialism to those Africans who were empowered by it and those who struggled against it.
The contributors in this volume use different approaches and employ different sources to investigate the interaction between law and social history.

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