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History, the Nation-State, and Alternative Narratives: An Example from Colonial Douala

(Friday, December 31, 2004) Friday, December 31, 2004

This article examines processes of community-building in the immigrant quarter of New Bell, Douala, during the interwar years. Historians of Douala have overlooked the history of New Bell, focusing instead on the political and economic activity of Duala’s Westernized elite during this period. This historiographic oversight

Bridewealth, guns and other status symbols: immigration and consumption in colonial Douala

(Tuesday, December 31, 2002) Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The flow of money and goods mediated public life within the urbanimmigrant community of colonial New Bell, Douala. The exchange of money was
a prominent mode of communication between immigrants, as was the consumptionand display of certain goods, but both of these practices were largely influenced
and restricted by colonial economic policy and cultural sensibilities. At the same time, the local interpretationo f the cultural meaning of colonial money and consumer

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