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CFP: Roots/Heritage Tourism in Africa and the African Diaspora: Case Studies for a Comparative Approach

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Florida International University’s (FIU) African & African Diaspora Studies Program's Call for Papers for international conference on Roots/Heritage Tourism in Africa and the African Diaspora: Case Studies for a Comparative Approach to be held on Thursday- Friday

12-14 February 2015 at the FIU’s Graham Center Ballrooms in Miami, FL.

This is a multi-disciplinary conference. We are particularly interested in papers about diverse sites of African and African diaspora roots/heritage tourism in continental Africa, the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere that have, and this is not an exhaustive list, the following foci:

- Multilateral and international agencies, nation-state and other governmental agencies’ involvement, or lack thereof, in the transformation of sites of memory into roots/heritage tourist attractions.

- Involvement of identified stakeholders in the construction of specific narratives to be served to roots/heritage tourists in specific sites; tourists’ reception of the narrative; local populations’ reception of the narrative; ...

- Roots/heritage tourism as a sustainable pro-poor or poverty reduction tourism initiative.

- The inclusion of roots/heritage tourism in U.S. study abroad programs.

- Ethnographic history of specific roots/heritage tourism sites.

The ultimate objective of the conference organizers is to publish an edited volume with a selection of the papers presented along with keynote presentations.

Please, submit your abstract (no more than 600 words) as an attachment in Word or pdf by September 30, 2014 to A committee will select the papers for inclusion in the conference program.

Notices will be sent out by October 30, 2014.

We will accept abstracts in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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