Universities in Africa

Amoud University


Amoud University is a non-governmental, national University and open to all aspiring candidates who fulfil the admission requirements without discrimination based on sex, ethnic, origin, creed, color or religion.

Amoud University aspires to be a center of excellence in education and scholarship in the Horn of Africa and a pioneer in promoting understanding and peace between cultures and communities in the region.

Puntland State University


PSU is the most preferred destination for short-term certificate programs in Computer literacy, Basic business management and entrepreneurship skills, Governance and Democracy, Financial planning and Management, Vocational Training, and English Language Proficiency to mention but a few.

University of Burao


The University of Burao (UB) is a community-based higher education institution established in 2004 in Burao, the capital city of Togdheer region in Somaliland.

University of Nugaal


The University of Nugaal at Lasanod Somalia received its Official Constitution in 2004. The University of Nugaal has been at the forefront of learning and innovation since its foundation 6 years ago. It is currently ranked 6th in whole Horn of Africa for education and learning excellence. Today’s world is faced with increasingly complex problems that demand ever more sophisticated solutions, often dependent on the bringing together of a range of learning skills and disciplines.

Mogadishu University


Mogadishu University is one of the greatest achievements of the people of Somalia during the civil war. Its vision is to be the premier non-state university in Somalia dedicated to providing affordable and accessible high quality education. There are thousands of students who are perusing their studies in 29 different departments. Graduates of the university work in the public and private sectors in all over Somalia.

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