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Ahfad University for Women

Ahfad University for Women is a private women's university in Omdurman, Sudan that was founded in 1966. Begun with only 23 students and a faculty of three, Ahfad now has an enrollment of over 5,000 students. From the site of an original mud-brick boy's school, Ahfad has spread to an adjacent area and is now occupying a modern, new campus. Based on the expansion of its curriculum and student body, the Sudan National Council for Higher Education granted full university status to Ahfad in 1995. The Ahfad University for Women (AUW) is the oldest and largest private university in Sudan. It may be the only private women's university in Africa. In Arabic, "Ahfad" means for "our grandchildren".

The university has the following undergraduate schools:
 School of Management Studies
 School of Health Sciences
 School of Psychology and Pre-School Education
 School of Organizational Management
 School of Rural Extension Education and Development
 School of Medicine
 School of Pharmacy.
It offers graduate programs in:
 Human Nutrition
 Gender and Development
 Gender and Peace Studies
 Sustainable Rural Development
 Business Administration
 Counseling and Heath Psychology
 High Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
 High Diploma in Teaching of Family Sciences

Ahfad goal
The goal of Ahfad University for Woman is to prepare women to assume responsible roles in their families, communities, and in the nation. In keeping with this objective “the Ahfad experience” embraces a combination of well articulated academic courses, on-the-job training, individual research, and community extension activities. This combination of activities is designed to prepare women from all parts of Sudan to become change agents in their families and communities and to assume leadership positions in society. (taken from http://www.ahfad.edu.sd/index.php/about-us/philosophy.html)

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