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Addis Ababa University

Established in 1950, Addis Ababa University is the oldest and largest higher education institution in Ethiopia. The University has made a remarkable contribution to the country through provision of trained manpower, research and community services. The service it has rendered in the training of high level skilled manpower and professionals in various key areas of development is unprecedented, and yet shines everyday as it stood the only University for decades. Its role and impact in the country’s progress in various spheres of development is far-reaching. It currently runs 65 undergraduate and 220 graduate programs (of which 69 are PhD) in 14 campuses. It recently has acquired land and estate to open a new campus in the Oromia Regional State, North Shoa Zone, Fitche town.
It has a population of about 50,000 students pursuing their studies in regular and extension programs, and 2000 academic and over 5,000 support staff.
Since its establishment, the University has undergone a series of structural changes aimed at improving its institutional and operational quality so as to enable it to live up to its name and standard. However, much has not been achieved in that direction. Consequently, problems have grown more and more complicated and deep-rooted through the years with little success in overcoming them. Even so, efforts to improve conditions have not stopped.
It now is a new wave of change seeking lasting effectiveness in its overall systems.
Since it went functional in 1950 with only one department, Biology, and 70 students, Addis Ababa University has expanded and pursued different working systems at different times.

Addis Ababa University aspires to be a pre-eminent African research university dedicated to excellence in teaching, critical inquiry, creativity and public action in an academic community that cultivates and celebrates diversity.

The mission of AAU is to foster a democratic university, which gives pride of place to its students in instruction and provision of services while encouraging the robust exercise of academic freedom. This will be achieved by developing vibrant graduate programs and by nurturing professional competence, a humanistic education, a scientific culture, academic excellence and a committed, ethical citizenship.

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