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Juba National University is a public university in South Sudan. The university gives instruction in the English language. The establishment of the University of Juba in Southern Sudan in 1975 represented historically the first attempt to address the issue of inequitable distribution of resources in the former Sudan (including higher educational institutions). The idea of its establishment was first conceived at the Round Table Conference that was held in Khartoum in March 1965, when the Southern Sudanese delegates to that political conference explicitly demanded the creation of a university in the South. Subsequently, due to the prevailing political environment in the Sudan at that time, there followed a period of feet-dragging and the implementation of this proposal was put on hold until 1975, when President Jaafar Mohamed Numeiry decreed the establishment of the University of Juba. Among other things, its primary objective, as stipulated in the Act, was to train the requisite manpower to meet the development needs of Southern Sudan and the other marginalized regions in the country. From the time it was established, the University of Juba might have been perceived by many as being regional in outlook but it was truly national in character. It now has its rightful place as a national university with international recognition.

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