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Africa Centre Volunteer Delegations


The BGU Student Volunteer Program “Africa and Activism”

The program includes a semester-long course of weekly presentations by guest lecturers with expertise on various social and political issues facing Africans today. After obtaining in-depth knowledge on a range of topics, students choose a specific issue and organize a project on campus or in the larger community. At the end of the course ten students are chosen to continue their efforts over the summer in Africa, where they develop and implement projects in cooperation with local communities for a period of three months. Each delegation works with the people of the community in determining priorities and project goals. Students listen to, and learn from local communities about their needs and goals, ensuring local support and lasting impact for the chosen projects.

Where have we been so far:

Tanzania 2006\7

Angola 2008

Cote d'Ivore and Ghana 2009

Cameroon, Benin and Angola 2010

Angola and Benin 2011

Ghana and Malawi 2012

Ghana 2013

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