Final Outbreak Brief 16: Sudan Virus Disease in Uganda

13 January 2023

Outbreak update:
On 11 January 2023, the Uganda MoH declared the end of the Sudan Ebola virus disease (SVD) outbreak. This outbreak was declared on 20 September 2022, following confirmation of a case of SVD in Mubende district. The index case was a 24-year-old male who developed high-grade fever, convulsions, blood-stained vomitus, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and pain while swallowing on 11 September 2022. On 17 September, blood samples were collected and on 19 September, Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) confirmed SVD by polymerase chain reaction. The patient died on 19 September 2022 and was buried following a safe and dignified burial protocol. Further investigations revealed that the onset of the outbreak likely dates back to the month of July 2022. The last confirmed case was reported on 27 November 2022.
Cumulatively, 142 confirmed cases and 55 confirmed deaths (CFR: 38.7%) were reported from nine health districts: Bunyangabu (1 cases; 0 deaths), Jinja (1; 1), Kagadi (1; 1), Kampala (18; 2), Kassanda (49; 21), Kyegegwa (4; 1), Masaka (1; 1), Mubende (64; 28), and Wakiso (3; 0) (see table 1). A total of 87 recoveries were registered. Healthcare workers accounted for 13% (19) of the cases and 13% (7) of all deaths (CFR: 37%).
Note: A total of 22 probable deaths were reported and are not included in the total count. These include 21 probable deaths that occurred in Mubende (19) and Kassanda (2) districts prior to the declaration of the outbreak. An additional probable death was identified from Kassanda district on 8 October 2022 and is also not included in the total case/death count.